About Carillon Cares & Lucy Heyman

about carillon cares dog care and Lucy Heyman

You and your pet will benefit from nearly four decades of experience in pet care in the following areas: Boarding, Grooming, Training, Breeding, Exhibition, Rescue, Shelters, Scientific Studies, Dog Writing and Editing, Dog Club Administration, Dog Judges Education and Domestic and International Shipping and documentation, to mention some of the areas of experience and expertise that owner Lucy Heyman has to offer.

After selling her kennel business in Spring, Lucy moved to a single family home 3 miles north of her kennel and offers concierge care for dogs. After 25 years in Spring, Lucy is familiar with most of the veterinary practices in the area. She offers home care for your dog, in a secluded, tranquil area in a small subdivision that has an egress with no outlet. Weather permitting, dogs are walked 3 times daily on streets with light traffic. Exercise is also available in a large, securely fenced yard. Carlos Romero, a highly skilled professional groomer, will pick up and deliver your pet when grooming is requested while being boarded.

He has a loyal and enthusiastic following. Lucy is available to take your dog for veterinary care any time, for your convenience. Dog walking services are available at your home.

Consultations with Carillon Cares on your issues with your dogs are available. We are happy to advise you about breeding, behavior, genetic defects and diseases, exhibition, shipping by air cargo and we will refer you to appropriate professionals when necessary. We can assist you in achieving maximum fitness and conditioning for your dog. Here are our experience credentials:

Mayoral appointee Nueces County Animal Advisory Board 1978

Founding Board Member Cameron County Humane Society 1979

Bedlington Terrier Club of America 1979 to present

*Corresponding Secretary 1998-2001, 2009-2011

*Awards Chairman 1995 to present

*Health and Wellness Committee Chairman 2012 to present

*Judge's Education Chairman 2007-2011

*Approved Judge's Mentor 2002-present

Founding Board Member Tyler Texas Kennel Club 1981 to present

Palm Valley Kennel Club 1985-2001 (dissolved)

Houston Kennel Club 1991-present


U.S. Lakeland Terrier Club 1995-present

Dog Writers Association 1995-2005 (dissolved)

American Kennel Club Gazette breed columnist writer 2003-2010

American Fox Terrier Club 2005-present

Houston All Terrier Club Vice President 2006-present