Dog Veterinarian Trips


There are several circumstances where you would wish to engage my services to take your pet to the Veterinarian. Saturday mornings are nightmares at most clinics, so it may be more convenient to have me do the errand for you. I am familiar with most of the practices in the area, and am very experienced with health issues in dogs, so I will be able to convey the veterinarian's advice to you accurately.

Dogs will be transported in my large mini van in sturdy airline crates.

Here are the situations that may be advantageous to use my services:

      • Dogs too big for your vehicle

      • You want to preserve your vehicle's interior

      • Emergencies requiring assistance and restraint

      • Your work schedule too demanding to do the errand

      • Euthanasia situations that are too difficult for you to deal with

      • An experienced person to help you follow the veterinarian's instructions

Dogs can be picked and delivered at your home. Mileage will be calculated from my location to your home, to the clinic, back to your home, then to my location at the rate of $1.50 per mile.